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Registered & Experienced Counsellor in Bath to Explore Low Self Confidence Issues in a Safe Environment

Low Self Confidence Counselling Bath

Many people suffer from low self confidence. Perhaps you have experienced low self esteem since you were a child, and need to break the pattern imposed on you by your parents. Or perhaps relationships as an adult have been damaging to your self confidence.
You may feel the following:

  • Unsure of yourself, your needs and desires
  • Unsure of who you really are
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Acute shyness (difficulties in social situations)
  • Negative self image

As you are listened to, respected and not judged in the relationship with your counsellor, you will begin to find your true self, to believe in yourself and to grow in self confidence.

I provide counselling for low self confidence and esteem at Openings in Bath, a centre for personal growth and counselling. As a Registered Counsellor and Individual Member of the BACP, I abide by its Ethical Framework.

For further information, or to arrange an initial consultation, please call Patricia Goodman on 07817 331 958